Karin Tamina Deilmann integrated her long-time and personal project "Tamina4Education", which ensures the support of Lebanese students, into the S4S association at the beginning of 2019. Together with Jessica Mor-Camenzind and the board of directors the aid organization Swiss4Lebanon (S4L) was founded.

When the economic crisis hit Lebanon hard at the end of 2019, S4L started the initiative "Food4Life" to help starving people in Lebanon with food boxes. This initiative has been successfully continued ever since.

When the devastating explosion on August 4, 2020 shook Beirut and the country, S4L, with the help of its partner NGO "Beit bil Jnoub", we set up the aid program "Help4Beirut" within one week. The donations will be used to ensure the reconstruction of severely damaged housing in Beirut.



We finance vocational training and advanced study courses exclusively for young Lebanese in Lebanon, who would not have sustainable access to the labour market without this support. A sound education changes their lives and helps them support their families and make a positive contribution to society. There are formal selection criteria, but students are not selected on the basis of their religion. We are currently supporting 5 students. More will be recruited during the year. 


The situation in Lebanon is devastating! The country is bankrupt. Only small amounts of money can be withdrawn from the bank by the population, hunger is spreading, people are losing their jobs and now the Corona crisis, which is affecting the people in the small country. 
In December 2019 we decided without further ado to fly to Lebanon and, together with a local NGO, distribute food boxes that we bought in Lebanon to the poorest Lebanese people. Since then, we have been distributing food parcels every two months in Beirut and in future also in Tripoli.


4 August 2020: Heavy explosion in Beirut
With great dismay we look at Lebanon and are still in a state of shock.  Family members and friends of our board have been severely affected in Beirut. Our thoughts are with them and all the Lebanese affected. 

Together with our partner NGO Beit bil Jnoub, we have decided to offer emergency aid in Beirut. 


Every donation counts!
Donate for one of our projects:

- Tamina4Education - Vocational training exclusively for young  Lebanese in Lebanon.
- Food4Life - Food Box distribution in Lebanon for the poor and starving people
- Help4Beirut- Emergency Aid for the Beirut Explosion of August 4th, 2020

100% of your donation will be used for the projects in Lebanon.

Please mention which project you want to support with your donation on the bank transfer 

Association S4S
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For donations in Swiss francs:
CHF account: 1148-3245.094
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For donations in EURO:
€ account: 1300-9235.612
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Association S4S is tax exempt in Switzerland



When the devastating explosion on August 4, 2020 shook Beirut and the country, S4L, with the help of its partner NGO "Beit bil Jnoub", we set up the aid program "Help4Beirut" within one week. The donations are being used to ensure the reconstruction of severely damaged housing in Beirut.

What has been done since we started:

After two weeks of intensive research by our team on site, we were able to start rebuilding the first apartments on August 25, 2020!

Thanks to your donations, we can add more apartments! The gratitude of those affected is enormous. This goes especially to you, dear donors. Thanks to your important contributions, we can continue to work on the reconstruction of Beirut and help directly!

Thank you for the important support so that we can renovate many more homes! The reconstruction of the individual apartments costs about US$ 6'000.- per apartment

Household Selection Criteria

targeted households based on the following criteria:


Legal Ownership Status

To avoid potential evictions or exploitations of tenants by landlords, clear documents of ownership or long term rental agreements will be requested

Socio-Economic Status

Priority will be given to vulnerable populations with low to mid income e.g women led households, pensioners, elderly, people with disabilities, etc.

Household Characteristics

Eligible households must be structurally safe, ranging between 40 to 150 sqm, and not classified as heritage buildings

Finished reconstruction work:

On going reconstruction work

October - November 2020


The situation in Lebanon is devastating! The country is bankrupt. Only small amounts of money can be withdrawn from the bank by the population, hunger is spreading, people are losing their jobs and now the Corona crisis which is affecting the people in the small country.
December 2019 we decided without further ado to fly to Lebanon and, together with a local NGO, distribute food boxes that we bought in Lebanon to the poorest Lebanese people. Since then, we have been organising large food distributions every two months in Beirut and in the future also in Tripoli.

What has been implemented so far:

Food4Life food boxes distribution July 2020
30 July 2020

The currency fluctuations in Lebanon are extreme. Actually, the Lebanese pound is pegged to the US dollar. US$ 1.00 costs Lib pound 1'500.00 - But at moments it fluctuates between 3'500.00 and 3'900.00 - People can hardly afford to eat because of this fierce inflation. That is why it is important that we keep on distributing food boxes.

Food4Life food box distribution May 2020
7 May 2020

Today the third Food4Life box distribution takes place in Beirut.
The Lebanese are starving and have to decide between food and rent, because there is hardly enough for both

It is incredibly difficult for us to sit here and not be able to help on site. But at least we can coordinate everything from here, thanks to your important donations!

Food4Life food boxes distribution March 2020
20 March 2020

Since our delegation from Switzerland was not allowed to travel to Lebanon because of Covid -19, we were nevertheless able to organize a successful food box distribution in March 2020 with our helpers from Lebanon. Over 300 boxes were again distributed to the poorest Lebanese in Beirut.
The next distribution is planned for the end of April 2020. Unfortunately not with us personally, but again with the super helpers from Lebanon!

Food4Life food boxes distribution December 2019
30 December 2019

We were able to distribute 300 boxes on Saturday and Sunday in the poorest quarters of Beirut. Each food box contained oil, rice, sugar, lentils, cheese, bulgur, tea, flour, pasta, pelatti, chickpeas, salt and weighed 25 kg. The weight of the boxes was not what was heavy, but to see this incredible poverty that has been creeping deeper and deeper into society for decades. Bad strokes of fate, diseases, no money for food and doctors and total resignation. On the photos you can see under what intolerable circumstances this old woman lives, for example, as well as the picture of the small children who receive the food boxes: They live in cellars, without daylight, without electricity, without a bathroom and sometimes on filthy mattresses and sofas.
But the gratitude is so enormously great and their hospitality enormously warm despite this sad situation in life.
At this point a very big thank you to all who donated food boxes! Also to the sensational team who organized everything for us on site and last but not least to the friends who spontaneously accompanied us and showed their full heart commitment this weekend! Without all these people this first tour would not have been possible!

Now, back in Switzerland, we are already preparing for the next big tour in February 2020 where we will distribute another 1'000 boxes thanks to your donations! 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼
On behalf of Swiss4Lebanon - The Tamina Project Merci Ktir!

Food4Life donation campaign Start December 2019
11 December 2019

The situation in Lebanon is devastating! Fire, demos, bankrupt country, only small amounts of money can be withdrawn from the bank, hunger is spreading, job losses and now severe flooding which is affecting the people in the small country!
We decided without further ado to fly to Lebanon at the end of December to help on the spot. Together with a local NGO we will distribute food to the poorest Lebanese. We founded SWISS4LEBANON a few months ago for direct aid in Lebanon and will now be able to use our new relief organization as an emergency aid organization. How we help and how you can support us, you can find in the attachment. A donation of CHF 25 per foodbox will feed a whole family! 


The Tamina4Education project finances vocational training and postgraduate studies exclusively for young Lebanese in Lebanon, who without this support would not have sustainable access to the labor market. A solid education changes their lives and helps them to support their families and make a positive contribution to society. There are formal selection criteria, but students are not selected on the basis of their religion.

Currently we are supporting the following students in Lebanon with Tamina4Education:

  • Farah from Tripoli, age 21, is studying medicine at the Lebanese University
  • A`laa from Tripoli, age 21, is studying  medicine at the Lebanese University
  • Hiba from Tripoli, age 19, is studying finance at the Lebanese University
  • Fatima from Tyre, age 19, is studying Bio-chemistry and then medicine at the Lebanese University
  • Hussein from Al-Qulaili, age 18, is studying Accounting at the Lebanese University

About Association S4S

Tamer Amr

Chairman of the Board

Tamer is Lebanese and American, and began his career as an English teacher in Lebanon. A graduate of Amherst College (Middle Eastern History), and INSEAD (MBA), he has been living and working in Switzerland since 1997, working in the real estate sector for REInvest AG of Geneva, Lehman Brothers & PSP Swiss Property in Zurich. He currently serves as the director of various real estate investment companies in India, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico and the United States. He lives with is wife and his daughters in Zurich. He speaks French, German, Arabic and English. Contact:

Leila Solh

Director Beit bil Jnoub Beirut, Lebanon

Leila Solh holds two degrees, one in Sociology and the other in Urban Planning and Policy from the American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanon. She has extensive experience in social development, research and planning. From 2013 - 2018, Leila worked with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), a leading international NGO responding to the Syrian crisis through extensive humanitarian aid. Leila started with DRC as project manager for a World Bank funded project in Lebanon. Since 2018 she has been working 100%  director of her NGO Beit Bil Jnoub, and as our partner NGO for our Association.

Jessica Mor-Camenzind

Managing Director
Help4Bey, Food4Life,

Jessica grew up in Zurich as the daughter of a Lebanese mother and a Swiss father. Before she became mother of 2 sons, she studied at the Hotel Management School Lucerne and worked in marketing. Today, she runs several companies, including mezze a gogo, which offers Lebanese cooking courses. She also launches the real estate newsletter wohnungsnews.ch
Jessica is managing director of the Association and co-founder of Swiss4Lebanon. She travels to Lebanon several times a year. Jessica is responsible for the projecta Food4Life and Help4Beirut.
Email: jessica.mor@swiss4lebanon.ch

Karin Tamina Deilmann


Karin is half Lebanese and half Swiss. She was born in Australia and grew up in Switzerland. After her commercial diploma she worked as a secretary for Egon Zehnder International and Citibank. She specialized in human resources and her last position was Human Resources Manager at Deloitte Switzerland. Afterwards she lived with her husband in Germany, where her two children were born. She now lives in Zurich again and was on the board of a small foundation from 2007 to 2016, where she was responsible for fundraising. For several years she has been supporting Lebanese students. In 2019 she founded Swiss4Lebanon, which was incorporated into the Association S4S.
Email: karin.deilmann@swiss4lebanon.ch

Anastasia Mihailov 


Anastasia was born in Zurich as half Suisse and half Russian. During her childhood she lived in the boarding school and in foreign countries. After the Bachelor of Law in Bern she decided to go for her big passion, precious stones and estate jewellery.

Since 2015 she is working in this field on her own. She lives between Zurich, New York and Paris.

She speaks German, English and French.

Barbara Schaufelberger

Projects, Zug

Barbara grew up in Bern and trained as a kindergarten teacher there.
She was an au pair in New York and worked in Bern before she became the mother of 2 children. She now lives in Zug with her family.Today she works as a kindergarten teacher and DaZ teacher. There she has contact with many people from different cultures and social classes and knows the difficulties when a family has to gain a foothold in a foreign country. The well-being of the child is always in the foreground for her.
She is involved in various associations and organizations in various areas.
In December 2019 she was in Lebanon to provide direct aid. wiht the Food4Life project
Email: barbara.schaufelberger@swiss4lebanon.ch

Matthias Luchsinger

Matthias was born in Zug and for long time he was a Media-Enterpreuneur in Zurich. After his studys in Marketing and General Management at the IMD in Lausanne he startet the cinema- and tv sales house Cinecom in Zurich. Cinecom was the exklusive sales-house for cinemas in Switzerland and Austria and also responsable for sales for the TV-Windows of SAT 1, Kabel 1 and 3plus in Switzerland. In 2006 he startet the Doners Organisation for the Zurich Film Festival and there he is still member oft he board. 2008 Matthias sold and left Cinecom and  started a new career as an Entrepreuneur. He built up the „Genuss Film Festival“ in Zug and several start-ups where he is active in the Boards. He is living in Zug and Zurich and has one son. He speaks German, English, French and Spanish.

Pedro R. Mor
Counselor - 
Media Relations

Pedro was born and grew up in Switzerland as son of a Spanish father and a Swiss mother. He is father of 2 sons and lives near Zurich. After studies in Geophysics and a Master in Business Administration at the University of Zurich, he professionally works since more than 20 years in the fields of Public & Media Relations, Corporate, Marketing and Crisis Communications and Public Affairs. After many years as a partner and consultant in an established communication agency he founded in 2014 his own consultancy P. R. Mor Consulting for companies, organizations and individuals in the area of communications and PR, as well as interim management. Part-time work voluntarily in non-profit organizations. Pedro speaks German, English, Spanish and French. 

Carl-Gerrit Deilmann
Counselor - Fundraising Germany

Carl-Gerrit Deilmann studied business administration at the Universities of Cologne and Konstanz. A longer stay abroad in Dallas / USA included positions at Pecos Energy Corporation and at Triple D Supply Corporation, both subsidiaries of the former Preussag AG.

He then began his professional career in Germany at Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG, which was then part of Deilmann-Montan GmbH and where he was a member of the board from 1997 to 2001. Since January 2002 he has been managing partner of Deilmann-Montan GmbH based in Bad Bentheim and since 2007 managing partner of C. Deilmann GmbH & Co. KG.

He is also chairman of the board of directors of Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH and of Uticon Ingenieursgroep B.V./NL, member of the regional advisory board of Deutsche Bank and since 1998 member of the YPO Rhine Chapter, CEO and WPO.

The enthusiasm for the successful model of the association is the reason for its commitment. "I am pleased to be able to support Swiss4Lebanon as an counselor".

Rajan Naji-Schwager
Ambassador S4L

As a Swiss and Lebanese citizen, Rajan carries both hearts inside her. Both her parents originally were from Lebanon but she was born and raised in Zurich, and has therefore a strong connection to both countries. 

After her commercial training she continued her education in human resources. She works as an HR Business Partner in a digital advertising agency on a part-time basis and is mother of a little son. 

She speaks Arabic, German, English and Spanish and travels regularly to Lebanon, where she visits her family from Beirut. 

Monica Wäger

Ambassador S4L

Monica was born and raised in Lebanon and moved to Switzerland in 2019. She lives with her Swiss husband outside of Zurich.  

She studied architecture in Lebanon and has worked as an architect ever since.  

Since she was a teenager, she has been working as a volunteer in various organizations. From 2009 to 2011 she participated in various social activities, e.g. at the Red Cross Jeunesse, the Sendyeneh Senior Citizens' House, the Children's Cancer Center and the Bon Pasteur Hospital in Lebanon. From 2017 to 2019 she helped Syrian refugees with their homework.

She speaks Arabic, French, English and understand german (attending language lessons)